Sarah Belle
Sarah & Paul
Family Planning turned Cancer Fight 
To our friends, family, colleagues, patients, and all those with whom Sarah has crossed paths in the past, or will cross in the future: it is time I share some unfortunate news with you all. Sarah has been diagnosed with late stage cervical cancer. 

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Life seemed to be going almost perfectly for Sarah; everything was lining up for her. Sarah and Paul had just purchased their first home together in The Netherlands in November of 2016. They both had jobs that they loved, and they were able to spend more time together. 

Sarah and Paul have a truly loving relationship stronger than ever and were trying to start a family. They were preparing to celebrate their first Christmas in their new home with friends and family and felt blessed that all their dreams were coming true. 

If you know Sarah, you know she is a private person, her bravery and courage for sharing her story with us is just one reason why we love her and her strength so much. Sarah has touched the lives of so many all over the World and is a dedicated scholar and doctor and truly gifted in so many ways. 

We hope the more people who know Sarah’s story will create more good vibes, thoughts, prayers and positive energy going her way and she could really use that right now. Sarah once said "as you start sharing and reaching out, the right people have a way of coming into your life.” So, thank you for taking the time to watch this, because it means you care and for that Sarah is grateful. Here is a bit of her story…

Just before Christmas 2016, (less than 3 short months ago) Sarah received a call from her gynecologist that she had an abnormal PAP result. She was to return after the holidays for more procedures. Sarah was told the best-case scenario that the cells would revert to normal on their own, and worse-case would be a hysterectomy. Sarah and Paul were devastated as they were planning their future and hoping to start a family. 
January and February were full with doctor’s appointments and scans, including a colposcopy, MRI, examination under anesthesia with biopsy, and PET CT scan.
With each test, Sarah & Paul received worse and worse news. The young couple spent their Valentine’s Day meeting with a surgeon and due to the size of her tumor and its proximity to her bowels, they informed them that they are unable to operate. 

The former "worst case scenario” now was worse than they had ever imagined. The doctors were shocked how Sarah's tumor had grown so rapidly, as she has had regular PAP smears several times per year. Sarah’s team of doctors at one of the largest academic hospitals in the Netherlands had only seen 1 other case like this in the past 2 years. 

As such an accomplished scholar and health care practitioner herself, Sarah searched the web and reached out to every alternative and integrative medical doctor that she knew of and the advice was the same: order a chemosensitivity test before starting chemotherapy. 

During this short waiting period for her chemrsensitivity test results, Sarah continued her search far and wide for the next step for her best treatment options. Sarah has been traveling to Germany twice a week for  local hyperthermia and IV anti-cancer infusions. Fortunately, Sarah’s case has been carefully reviewed and accepted for care by a world renowned specialist in cancer treatments. To complete her journey she must now come up with funds to sponsor all her therapies.
If you could find it in your heart, whatever you can afford to donate is gratefully appreciated. If you’re willing to help in our fundraising efforts PLEASE share Sarah’s story now.